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The Top 10 Benefits of Storage Container Homes

The use of storage containers started back in 1955 when Malcolm McLean and Keith Tantlinger realized the several applications. Years later, it was later found that unused shipping containers could be used to build houses.

This trend has been dominating the whole world, with many people realizing the benefits associated with such homes. A storage container home creates comfort, reflects a bit of personality, and reflects a lot of character and taste.

The design of a shipping container home definitely makes heads turn, but there is more to this than meets the eye.

Here are the ten benefits of living in a storage container home.

1. It is Affordable

The main advantage of living in a shipping container home is the affordability. Getting a used container and making it a home is far cheaper and easy to set up compared to building a home or buying one in the city. During the purchase, containers are already structured and are durable. A shipping container has already-done flooring, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money or time fixing.

Compared to renting a house or building one, shipping containers are way much affordable. You can find a container selling at about $1,500-$3,000 depending on the size. Once you make a purchase of the container, the rest of the costs will vary depending on how you design the interior.

2. Easy to Construct

Contrary to what most people imagine, a storage container home is easy to execute and design. All you need is the container, a trustworthy company that can rent or sell it to you, delivery guys to ferry the container to your backyard, and a lot of ideas to design your superb home. While it may take up to years to construct a home worthy of living, a shipping container could take weeks to construct. Any home design can be incorporated in a shipping container home; whether it is a simple staircase or new doors or windows.

3. They are Strong and Durable

The reason why shipping containers are used globally to ship fragile items and heavy cargo is because of their extreme durability and toughness. They are capable of resisting extreme weather both at sea and on land, which makes them resilient. At sea, shipping containers are subjected to up to 100 mph winds; if they are capable of surviving such a storm, it is obvious they can withstand any rough conditions you home might be exposed to.

Even if you don’t bolt down the storage containers, they can still withstand heavy storms and high winds. Standing alone, the containers can handle up to 100 mph of wind. The security and safety of a storage container home could be enhanced further by establishing a foundation. Even in areas of high tornadoes and hurricanes, be assured that the container home is strong enough.

4. Pest Resistant

Shipping containers are made of steel as the main building material, which makes them resistant to pests and bugs. Even if the floor is made of wood or the exteriors cladded, there is less to worry about because the internal frame is made from steel. Termites may only damage the interior finishes or the exterior siding, but the structural integrity of your home will still remain intact.

5. Source of Financial Freedom

As a homeowner, shipping containers will give you the financial freedom you need at the comfort of your home. Imagine a life without monthly rent payment or huge mortgage debt. With the affordability of a storage container home, you might have the financial freedom to purchase that home you’ve always dreamed of. The affordability of shipping containers also enables you to be mortgage-free much faster than if it were for a conventional home. With such financial freedom, you will have the flexibility to explore interesting things in life, without necessarily focusing on paying bills.

Image by Valdas Miskinis from Pixabay

6. Environmental Friendly

With the global concern of climate change, people have begun adopting development methods that reduce the global carbon footprint by reusing and recycling items where possible. A storage container home gives you the opportunity to meet these goals while living your housing dream. With proper insulation, shipping containers can be energy efficient and withstand extreme temperatures during the stormy winters and hot summers. High-value insulation reduces energy loads and makes it easy to cool the interior areas, thus, increasing energy efficiency.

7. Get Them Where You Want Them

Another amazing fact about a storage container home is that you can get it where you need it. With a referral or a simple internet search, you will be able to identify a company that delivers your container as soon as you are ready. Shipping containers can be moved across the world; once your home is completed, you can take it anywhere you wish to live.

8. Customization

Shipping containers also allow you to absolutely make sure that you design your home exactly the way you want. There are endless ways to customize your container house with interior finishes. You can work with a designer to tweak the interiors to meet your needs. Maybe you desire a well-functioning living space or a fully equipped kitchen with extra dining space, or even a big space to build a Jacuzzi; you can easily design your container into a loving home.

9. They Create Uniqueness

A storage container is intentionally designed in the same shape and size to meet the needs of millions of consumers. How then are these containers unique? Just like the case of every canvas painting, containers have the same make and material, but what matters is what you can do with it! You can create an incredible storage container home with endless designs and unique interiors. A unique container design can draw interest and attention across the world! With the flexibility involved, you can make your storage container home as unique as possible.

10. Enhanced Flexibility

People desire shipping container homes because of their inherent flexibility. Containers have flexibility in how they can be moved, built, or used, thanks to the existing infrastructure that transport them via rail, sea, and road. If you want your container to be shipped to your construction site already assembled, you can easily achieve that. If you need to design the container as a DIY project, you can equally attain that. Because of the flexibility, container homes are easy to set up anywhere.

Container homes offer tons of benefits to users during and after the construction process. Apart from the flexibility and uniqueness, these homes enable owners to reduce carbon footprint while also having the opportunity to customize and design the interiors as desired. Furthermore, container homes are pest resistant and can withstand any weather pattern.

Featured Image Source: Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

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